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The life of a social worker is the best example to be kept alive for the future. Sad demise of Mr. The life of A. N. M Fazlullah, who passed away on 8th September 2000, is full with examples of helping poor, changing reality and transcending the existence into a process of learning for the poor and self-development. However, those who are aware of his long career and background must show respect to what he dreamt of and why did he cut out his career as a development worker, planner and practitioner despite enormous potential of being a moneymaker since he was a professional cost accountant. He died at his office, far away from his home, in Tangail as an Executive Director of Tangail Rural Development Cell (TRDC)...

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The Fazlullah Foundation - FF is a non-profit organization, working in the greater Noakhali region of southeastern coastal part of Bangladesh, where widespread poverty and injustice with natural calamities is forming part of the daily struggle for life. More than half of the total population of the area consists of deprived landless and marginalized farm families, facing enormous challenge of declining livelihood opportunities, its land is low lying and flood prone, with whom FF is working in fighting poverty and injustice. People, specially the poor farmers and day laborer suffered inhumanly from getting flood, pure drinking water and live saving drugs.

Prime strategy of FF to work with farmers groups, producer and community organizations together to achieve sustainable livelihood and social justice. FF is facilitating people’s organizations in building their capacity to fight poverty through promoting education, training, food security and micro-credit.

Our working strategy:

A non-directive, bottom-up and peoples participatory development approach in practiced by us while implementing projects. Where the beneficiaries play a vital role in decision-making, planning, and implementation.

The Fazlullah Foundation (FF) pursues a sustainable human development policy which is pro-poor, pro-nature and off course pro-women. It stresses growth, but growth with employment and growth with environment and growth with empowerment.


The prime objective of the organization is to uplift the socio-economic condition of the general mass of the rural areas. It has a firm commitment which lies in the organizational activities – to create exploitation free society through eradication of all types of social injustices. Other objectives of the Fazlullah Foundation are as follows: help people changing the condition that makes them hungry and under-employed aware people changing approaches from relief to self-help help people to know the change that comes from people who know their own problems and can begin to find their own solution.

Target Beneficiaries:

Disadvantaged, underprivileged and exploited people of the society are target beneficiaries of the organization. The organization gives particular attention to the poor and destitute women of the society to upgrade their condition both socially and economically, so that they can feel that they are not being deprived and have the equal rights to work side by side with other people in the society.

FF presently implementing the socio-economic development program with projects to achieve its goal towards a poverty free world.

Join us in fighting for a fairer world.

The Fazlullah Foundation - FF

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